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Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions - Last Updated: July 15th, 2021

• Before buying anything you must read all the terms listed here.
• Customers cannot offer any kind of support to non-customers.
• Support won't be given for any Open-Source project on my GitHub profile.
• Do not ask customers to give you access to their purchased products/services.
• You cannot request any type of support if you haven't made any purchase or have proof of your purchase.
• If you use any of my open-sourced projects, you must abide by the license and terms on the readme file in it.

• Support is and will only be given to customers.
• You cannot share your license or service with anyone.
• You cannot leak your license, resource or service anywhere.
• These terms can change from time to time without prior warning.
• You cannot post or publish your license, resource or service anywhere.
• License/Resources/Services aren't transferable under any circumstances.
• You cannot resell any service or resource you acquired on Frozed Club or from Elb1to.
• You cannot refund any of the services or resources you acquired on Frozed Club or from Elb1to.
• Your acquired service, resource or plugin can be revoked at any time if you break any of the terms. 

Frozed Club Developers
• Updates have to be done in a timely fashion.
• You must provide updates for your resources or services.
• You must try to fix bugs in the order you receive the bug-report.

◈ I can change or update any of the terms listed in this list when I feel it's required.
◈ If you purchase any resources or services from me (Elb1to) or any Frozed Club developer, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.(edited)

Commission Terms - Last Updated: July 16th, 2021
• You cannot resell any commission that has been done for you on Frozed Club or from Elb1to.
• All the terms for Customers on the general Terms of Service are also applied for commissions.
• You are required to give an estimated price range for what you need (minimum and maximum price).
• You are required to provide a document detailing everything in depth (features, how it works, what it is).
• Any extra additions or details that weren't initially disclosed or on the document provided, will have an extra price.
• In order to request something custom or private, you need to make a ticket and disclose that you need a commission done.